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Although Georgia’s Landlord-Tenant Laws are vast and can be complex at times, they provide a framework for the landlord-tenant relationship. The difficulty that many landlords and tenants run into is understanding their respective rights and obligations under the law and private agreements (e.g., their lease agreement). The most common landlord-tenant conflict is eviction.

Eviction is never a pleasant situation. Unfortunately, however, it may be necessary where an uncomfortable landlord-tenant situation exists or where obligations have not been met. When it is necessary, there is a strict legal process a landlord must adhere to in order to effectively evict a tenant who is in default.

If you are seeking to take possession of your commercial space due to default, but are unsure of the process – we can help! Our legal professionals will ensure that you understand the process and paperwork required to secure an eviction. In addition to evictions, we also offer the following legal services for our commercial clients:

  • Landlord Contract Drafting and Interpretation
  • Lease and License Agreement Drafting and Interpretation
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainers
  • State and Local Administrative Hearings and Appeals
  • Landlord Representation (negotiation and litigation)
  • Tenant Representation (negotiation and litigation)

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