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The last thing you want is to find yourself in a dispute with a neighbor or local governmental authority over the use of property. Negotiations or disputes over land use can be complex, frustrating and frightening when trying to navigate this area of law on your own.

You will need an experienced Real Estate Law attorney to help you sort through applications, administrative hearings and government regulations. We have years of experience successfully helping our clients obtain favorable land use exceptions and resolutions to property tax disputes. Let us put our extensive zoning variance and property tax knowledge on your side to help you prepare for whatever challenges that lie ahead!

Georgia Land Use Lawyer – Sound Solutions for Variances, Zoning & Permitting Requests and Appeals

A variance is a request by the landowner to waive or bypass current zoning law requirements so that they can use their land in a specific way. For example, a homeowner may want to add a second story to their home or a business owner may want to place their office in a residential neighborhood. In either case, a variance can be an effective tool for obtaining an exception to zoning ordinances that are difficult to comply with or gaining permission to use land in a way that deviates from current zoning standards.

Our law firm can assist with the application process, provide counsel on your next best steps, and create records and documentation to support your variance. We can also file appeals to local zoning or planning boards when necessary. Whether you are a private homeowner, business owner or developer wanting to enjoy your property for a personal or financial purpose, our Land Use legal professionals can step in with a sound solution that maximizes results.

Here are the many ways we can assist you:

  • Variances
  • Zoning and Rezoning
  • Easements
  • Encroachments / Trespass
  • Special Land Use Permits
  • Construction and Development Permits (mixed-use, office or industrial)
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Neighborhood Opposition to New Development
  • Administrative Appeals to Land Use Applications and Permits

No matter how simple or complex the land use matter, we work closely with our clients to obtain a positive outcome that meets their needs. Call our Georgia Land Use Lawyer today at (404) 257-8885 for a FREE evaluation of your specific land use situation.

Georgia Property Tax Dispute Lawyer – Protecting Homeowners Against Unwarranted Property Tax Hikes

Property taxes are one of the ways state and local governments raise revenue. These taxes are based on a report prepared by the local tax assessor’s estimation of the market value of your home. In some cases, these estimations can be inaccurate; and when they are, your family’s income can be negatively impacted. You have a right to challenge your property’s tax assessment if you feel your property’s value was assessed too high.

Appealing a tax assessment takes a great deal of time, effort and attention to detail. Our Property Tax Dispute law firm is well-equipped to advise and represent clients before the Board of Equalization to protect them against unwarranted property tax hikes. We are highly skilled at researching and collecting evidence (e.g., comparative sales activity, data characteristics, and assessments of similar properties) during every stage of the appeals process. We also understand the standards by which the local tax assessors use to determine the value of your property.

Therefore, if you have received an unfavorable property tax assessment or you need to appeal your assessment, let us strategically guide you through the property tax appeals process. The amount of money you will save per year on your tax bill is worth it.

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